“Great” Gear

3 05 2012

When on a WC Expedition gear is very important. Its used on a minute-to-minute basis, and it can often contribute to a more successful expedition experience.

When you have “great” gear, you can feel good about being able to rely on it in every type of situation you may encounter with World Challenge. But what constitutes “great” gear? 

On my expedition there were three pieces of great gear that I used constantly so it was important to me that they were highly reliable and functional.

1. Backpacks: Think of your backpacks as your HQ (headquarters) for everything you have with you on expedition. Everything you take with you will be kept in either your daypack or main pack. Your daypack will be used almost everyday in country and you will carry in it everything from water and snacks to rain jackets. Your main pack will be the place you can store all your gear you do not need while you’re out on an adventure. Your daypack and main pack are a “team” so you can constantly move items around between the two depending on your needs.  Check out my day pack and main pack I used on expedition.

2. Hiking Boots: Your boots will  be your most used piece of gear. From trekking to walking around the local village market, you will wear your boots all the time. Since they such a vital piece of gear, it is important that you start breaking them in (wear them on the training course and doing yard work!) as soon as you can. Some features that you should look for are breath-ability, waterproof-ness, and of course, COMFORT! Check out my hiking boots I used on expedition!

3. Rain Gear: Although it’s not used all the time, having reliable rain gear is something you definitely want on your expedition. Having great rain gear is important because you want to be kept dry if it is pouring and everything else is wet. Not only do you need to have a rain jacket, but you also will need to have rain pants. By wearing your rain pants and rain jacket, you are completely protected from the elements in any situation (like walking in tall wet grass).  Having great rain gear can go a long way, getting soaked to the bone is no fun. Check out my rain gear: jacket and pants I used on expedition!

Check out World Challenge’s tips for Online Gear Shopping, and how you can save on great gear!

– Tom




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