Money Raising: Enlist the Neighborhood

11 05 2012

If you’re a summer away from expedition, you’re probably focused on saving money to prepare!

Spread the word around your neighborhood. Talk about your World Challenge Expedition to everyone you can, because many of your neighbors will be impressed by your goal and willing to help support you. Here are three easy jobs your neighbors may need help with:

1. Babysitting – Go to all of the houses that have young kids and hand out cards with your name, email, and phone number.  Ask them to contact you if they ever need a babysitter (or pet-sitter, or plant-sitter). A few of my neighbors even offered higher rates for that summer since they knew what I was rasing the money for!

2. Yard Sales – If your parents have a garage or basement to empty out, consider asking them if you can organize the yard sale and take some of the profits. Ask any neighbors you know well if they have old baby toys or other items they want sold – if you’re pricing the items, putting up the flyers, organizing newspaper ads, and making the sales, chances are they’ll let you take some of the profits as well!

3. Lawn Care – Talk to any neighbors who might be interested in having their lawn mowed or the landscaped parts watered. I earned $200 taking care of my neighbor’s hedges and potted plants all summer. A teammates family invested in their own lawn mower instead of using a lawncare service. They paid their daughter less to mow the lawn than they had paid the service, the investment quickly became profitable!

I raised over $2000 the summer before expedition through these three activities. Get your name and story out there and you are guaranteed to impress some neighbors who will find jobs for you to take on!





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