How to Write a Travel Blog

24 05 2012

What better way to share your World Challenge experience with your friends and family, then through your own Travel Blog.

This is something that you can create as a team before you leave. You can update it during your expedition (when you find an internet cafe!) and when you get home!  You can share all of your stories, pictures, and experiences from your adventure.

Here’s how you can create your own Travel Blog:

 1.  Sign up and start your blog with Word PressFind out how to here!

 2.  Bring your blog to life!  – As a team start thinking about a few things…

  • What are you going to call your blog?  What is your ‘about you’ section going to include?
  • What do you want your blog to be about?  Is it going to be a summary of each day on expedition, or different team members stories?

3.  Start writing – Publish a post of two before you leave for Expedition, letting everyone know where you will traveling, what you will be doing, and introduce your team!

4.  Spread the word! – Let everyone know about your blog!  Tell your family, friends, classmates and everyone in your community who helped with your fundraising efforts.  They will want to follow along and hear about all of your epic travel stories!

Check out our Franklin Team’s travel blog who traveled to Peru in 2011!

Happy Writing!

Check out some pictures for our 2012 destinations

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