Used Gadget Drive

5 11 2012

Most people have no idea what to do with old electronics.  Throwing them away seems like such a waste, but how do you recycle them?

You and your team can provide all of the answers and make money to boot.  Just start a Used Gadget Drive.

How? We’re glad you asked…

  1. Find a site.   There are plenty of websites that will give you cash for old electronics.  Two great options are Gazelle and Recycling Fundraisers.   Both will give you tons of help promoting your event (Gazelle even helps you create your own fundraising website).  They also guarantee that nothing you send them will end up in a landfill.
  2. Decide where to set up shop. Ask your principal if you can set up a bin at school, and go around to local grocery stores/pharmacies asking if you can do the same (make sure you tack up a sign letting people know what they’re donating towards!).
  3. Get the word out!  Plaster your town with fliers, send out emails to family and friends, make announcements at school.  Everyone has a digital camera they haven’t touched or a cell phone that has been lying in their desk drawer ever since they upgraded – it’s up to your advertizing efforts to make sure it ends up in your hands!
  4. Ship the goods.  Both of the websites above offer you free shipping.  Just print off the labels, drop them at your local post office, and wait for your check!

If you decide to run your own Recycling Fundraiser, let us know!  Your efforts to go green and make some green could make you the next ‘Team of the Month’!




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