Luncheon: As much food as one’s hand can hold!

7 11 2012

You know the feeling. You’re hungry and you want lunch, fast!

Take advantage of the lunch-time rush by serving up some good eats at a community event in your town!  Whether it be a play festival, local races, holiday events, Farmer’s Markets, etc., you should have a ton of options, especially as the holiday’s are approaching!

Want to get a piece of the action? Serving lunch at a community event is a great way to earn expeditions funds.  Here’s how your team can make some green…

  1. Research upcoming town events.  Your town will undoubtedly have a website where big community events are listed.  Log-on and see what you can find!
  2. Contact the host organization. Contact your town district (or whoever’s running the event) and ask if you can serve lunch.  Explain that you’re earning money towards your World Challenge Expedition, and they’ll undoubtedly be happy to have you.
  3. Decide what you’ll serve. You’ll want to get a good idea of what the space is like where you’ll be setting up.  If there’s an outside area you could set up a grill, but if you’re confined to a room you’ll want to follow Norwell’s example and plan on sandwiches or roll-ups.  Contact a local grocery store to ask for food donations, to help cover your costs.  You can also solicit donations of bottled water and chips, and have a few of your classmates bring home-made baked goods.
  4. Divide and conquer.  Make a list of the different items you’ll need and assign them to different team members.  You’ll need drinks, sandwich components, chips, and dessert, and don’t forget to have someone responsible for asking for donations!
  5. Set up shop.  Organization is key to having a successful lunch fundraiser.  Make sure to arrive with plenty of time to show up, as you’ll want to be ready for the hungry masses!  Make sure you have a station where people pay at the end, with coins and dollar bills to make change.

Did your team run an awesome fundraiser this month?  Let us know, you could be next!




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