Giving Thanks in Your Community

19 11 2012

Sorry, this image is not available.For most of us, Thanksgiving means being with family and friends, watching some football, and stuffing ourselves (no pun intended) with massive amounts of turkey and pie.  But it’s important to remember that during this time of year, there are many that could use a helping hand.

If you want to really give thanks for what you have this Thanksgiving, consider volunteering at your local homeless shelter or community center.  Organizations across America devote themselves to giving Thanksgiving meals for those who don’t have a table surrounded by loved ones of their own.

How can you volunteer?  We’re glad you asked!

  • Find an organization/location.  Google ‘Thanksgiving Charity Campaigns,’ and find one in your local area.  Your local community center or nearby churches almost always organize these events.   Just Give and Create the Good are also great places to start.
  • Contact them.  Events like these are very organized, and you need to figure out exactly how and when you can help out.
  • Get your family, friends, and fellow challengers to volunteer with you; doing something like this together is a definite bonding experience!
  • Make the most of it.  Just like when you begin your Community Service phase on Expedition, really interact with the people around you and give back to your community.  Imagine your dinner table at Thanksgiving – people are joking, talking, laughing – help create that environment when volunteering.

If you can’t volunteer, be sure to donate food to your local food drive.  Turkey’s, canned goods, and non-perishables are always needed!  The Salvation Army is accepting donations for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Make this one count!




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