Raise Funds!

28 03 2014

Well, the first batch of schools have come back from spending their Spring breaks in some of the most beautiful places on this planet!  Naturally, we beg for everyone’s feedback so we can make sure we’re at the top of our game! 

The #1 way students say to raise funds for their World Challenge expedition?


Students found it easier to raise their funds by working part-time.  It led to “consistent income” and many found that the companies they worked for were even willing to donate some funds to help their employees out! The jobs that some of our Challengers are doing? Bagging groceries, tutoring, working over the summer at a camp, bussing tables at a restaurant, landscaping and more.

Some other Challengers found some new twists on ways to raise funds.  One spent his afternoons offering to detail cars at his parents’ places of business. Another started selling items online for people who didn’t have time or knowledge how to navigate places like Craigslist or eBay.  “Let’s face it – I can make loads more doing something I enjoy on a regular basis than just waiting for group fundraising activities” said one of our Challengers.

How much did they make?  These Challengers who raised funds without relying on schools and family said they paid for over 85% of their expeditions. “It’s having regular income that’s key” said another Challenger. 

Some of the Challengers ran their own special “adventure-thon” to prepare for their expeditions.  They wore their gear and hiked for the weekend, walked 10 miles in their boots, or did a mini expedition on home turf first, but they asked for sponsors. “I had friends, family and neighbors sponsoring me per mile. It worked out great because I broke in my boots, got used to carrying my backpack for an extended period of time, and raised money for my trip!”

Many have also begun taking advantage of the new link available on the Fundraising tab of My World Challenge.  “I mailed out my personal link to my entire family and told them about my upcoming World Challenge expedition and why it was important to me.  I asked them to donate any little bit they could so I could have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and promised to take loads of pictures to share. I still can’t believe how generous everyone was!”

We want to know your most successful ways of raising funds! Please keep giving us the feedback so we know what works and can pass it on!




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