Team Car Wash

6 06 2011

Sorry, this image is not available.Now that it finally feels like summer, it’s time for your team to turn your fundraising efforts to a warm weather classic: the Car Wash

Some teams don’t consider the car wash because they feel like it’s been done before and won’t earn them a lot of money.   All we have to say to that is: it’s a fundraising classic for a reason.

Year after year we see car washes earn teams tons of expedition funds.  As long as you plan it right and are willing to put in a little bit of work beforehand, you’ll be seeing soap suds turn into dollar signs in no time. Here’s how…

  1. Pick a date.  Saturday is the best day of the week – people are always out and about doing errands during the morning, so you’re sure to get a ton of traffic.  Make sure you find a time when most of the team can help out!
  2. Price it rightDecide whether you’re just going to charge people the day of, or if you want to sell tickets in advance.  Selling tickets in advance is extra work, but it also greatly increase your total earnings (often people buy tickets and don’t even come to get their car cleaned – that’s 100% profit!).  How much will you charge per car?  Will here be a difference between washing a van and washing a compact car?  Decide on a reasonable cost, and don’t forget to factor in supplies (soap, sponges, buckets, etc.).
  3. Plan it out.  First you’ll need to choose a location – can you hold it in your school’s parking lot, or is there another popular spot in the center of town that would give you permission?  You’ll also want to make sure you have a good number of team members that can participate (you don’t want only three people to show up the day of!), and decide who will be in charge of what.  You’ll need people with high-energy getting cars to stop, a good number of car washers, and a cashier. 
  4. Get the word outGive yourself at least two weeks to plaster your community with fliers and posters.  Make sure everyone in your network knows about your sale and what the efforts are going towards.  To help drive traffic, consider sending a press release to your local newspaper – the more publicity the better!
  5. Make ’em shine!  Be sure to get there early the day of so you have plenty of time to set up.  Remember to have change in case people only have large bills, and don’t forget to wear your World Challenge t-shirts!

Is your team holding a car wash soon?  Don’t forget to take photos and let us know how it went – you could be the next Team of the Month!


Meet Your Leader: Wendy Carbone

9 05 2011

Our second ‘Meet Your Leader’ post is by Wendy Carbone, who is taking  Northern Highlands (Team 2) to Southern Peru  this summer. 

Wendy has led trips for various organizations, including the Take a Hike Foundation and Outward Bound.  She is trained in whitewater rafting, rock and ice climbing, scuba diving, and has earned various certifications including her Wilderness First Responder.  Below she talks about her quest to became an expert backcountry skier.

I have been focusing a lot of my free time on acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge and gear to become a backcountry skier.  In case you’re not familiar with the sport, this entails hiking up mountains in national parks or forest (not ski resort slopes) and then skiing down.  Sounds a bit silly, when there are plenty of chair lifts and cut trails created to make this sport way more accessible, but backcountry skiing offers different rewards.

First off there are far less people, which leads to the chance of getting “fresh tracks” or “powder runs” that haven’t been skied off by the masses. Some other benefits are the workout involved, it’s FREE, the opportunity for multi-day hut trips, wild scenery, and of course: the challenge of it.

I started off with an Avalanche training course offered at Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  From the course I learned how to analyze weather patterns and conditions, perform snow pack tests, and interpret the terrain for potential risks. I also learned how to use all of the fancy gear… a beacon, probe and shovel are the 3 major pieces of equipment required to use for search and rescue in the event that a skier goes missing. I’m still constantly looking to improve my skills (keeping safety as the top priority!), venturing out with friends who have sufficient training, and enjoying the different places backcountry skiing is taking me.

It was my first trip to Peru that inspired me to get more into backcountry endeavors; who knows what your expedition will motivate you to accomplish!

Below are pictures from my backcountry ski trips in British Columbia, Colorado and New Hampshire.

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Team of the Month – Sanborn High School!

26 10 2012

One of our 2013 teams spent time this summer bonding as a team and earning some expedition cash!

The  Sanborn High School team held a Car Wash fundraiser and sold Pulsera Project bracelets and Tres Leche cake at their town’s local fair, raising money for their 2013 expedition to Ecuador!

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What’s the angle?  The Sanborn team knew that the summer would be a great time in their town to raise money for their expedition.  They wanted to spread the word about their World Challenge adventure to the Amazon, so they sold some great goods to their community, and put together a warm weather classic fundraiser, a car wash.

Between the two events, the Sanborn team members raised over $750.00 for their Ecuador expedition! 

How did they pull it off?  The team created a booth at their town fair for selling the Pulsera Project bracelets and Tres Leche cakes.  They decorated the booth with information all about their Ecuador expedition and how the purchasing of the bracelets and cakes would support their World Challenge trip.  They also spent all day washing cars, explaining to everyone how their donations will help support the team.

Congratulations Sanborn, you’re our Team of the Month!

Want to get a piece of the action?  Plan your own fundraiser where you can sell jewelery to benefit your expedition and a great cause! See how your team can get involved with selling Pulsera bracelets, and coloring the world, at your school!  Check out their video!

Want to experience the glory of being named Team of the Month?  Send us photos and an event summary after your next fundraiser, and you could be next!

Cleaning out the Garage

15 11 2010

Sorry, this image is not available.  The team from Red Bank Regional High School kicked off the fall with a stellar fundraiser: their very own rummage sale.

What’s the Angle? They decided to hold the event in the parking lot of a building owned by one of the challenger’s grandparents.  The team sold various household items such as CD’s, toys, clothes, etc.

A steady stream of shoppers came by all day, purchasing everything from bicycles to bowling jackets.

How did they pull it off? To advertise the event the team made sure to spread the word about the sale, not only amongst their friends and family members, but also the community by putting a few ads in local papers.

Students were responsible for selling their individual items.  Most team members made about $100, with a few earning as much as $400!  With such lucrative profits, the team has started to dig up more items in order to hold another sale later this fall.

Red Bank’s commitment to team earning (this sale followed a car wash, and they’ve got a handful of other fundraisers in the works) should be adopted by every World Challenge team.  They’re proof that if you put your mind to it, you can earn a substantial chunk of your expedition cost.  This is why they are World Challenge’s “Team of the Month.”

Congratulations, Red Bank!

Want to get a piece of the action? Every family has a pile of junk in their garage that they can part with, so start turning those unused items into cash!  Here’s how to get started:

  1. Pick a time and place for your sale.
  2. Start digging through your closet, attic, and garage.  If the item isn’t yours make sure to check with your parents that it’s alright to sell (the last thing you want to do is sell of a priceless family heirloom for a few bucks!).
  3. Decide on prices for certain items.  It might be helpful to hold a team meeting so you can discuss reasonable pricing.  You don’t want to end up selling items for too much, or too little.
  4. Advertise!  Follow Red Bank’s example and call your local paper.
  5. Make sure everyone on the team has details of the event in advance (what time to show up, where to park, etc.).
  6. Figure out what you’re going to do with the money you earn (if you follow Red Bank’s example and sell items as individuals this process will be easier!).
  7. Take pictures and send us your story. Be the next Team of the Month!

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