Summer Jobs: Retail

1 06 2011

Sorry, this image is not available.Though the official start of summer is still three weeks away, with the end of classes approaching and the temperatures rising, it feels like it’s already here.  So if you haven’t started your summer job search, now is the time!  This week we’re focusing on another summer job classic: Working Retail.

It’s the job for you if…

  • You’ve got great people skills
  • You have a flexible summer schedule
  • You’re interested in sales

How to get the gig…

  1. Draft a resume. Though some stores will ask you to simply fill out an application, it’s good to have a resume at the ready.  Even if you don’t have previous employment experience, list any clubs or sports you participate in, any honors you’ve recieved at school, and even something as simple as babysitting gigs.  You just want to make sure your resume proves you’re a responsible teenager. 
  2. Make a list of local stores.  Make a list of local stores you think would be a good fit.  Though it’s good to focus your list (you don’t want to apply to every store for twenty miles!), don’t get too caught up in working for Best Buy or Anthropologie.  More options means more opportunities.
  3. Contact the managers.  If you have the time, the best thing to do is take a Saturday and visit as many stores as possible on your list to inquire if they’re hiring.  Dress appropriately and bring a copy of your resume – first impressions are important!  If you don’t have the time to visit every store, you can always call.
  4. Follow-up!  The search doesn’t stop once you’ve submitted your resume/application.  If you haven’t heard from them after a week or two, follow-up with a phone call.  It shows the store that you’re committed to getting the job.

Have experience from behind the register?  Share your experiences with other Challengers!


Summer Jobs: Tutoring

18 05 2011

Sorry, this image is not available.This week’s Summer Job post want you to share your knowledge, as we’re spotlighting the brainy brilliance of The Tutor.  Tutoring is a great way to earn expedition bucks, all while helping a student in need!

It’s the job for you if…

  • You excel at a particular subject
  • You’re good with kids (bonus if you’ve done community service work tutoring/helping out in the classroom)
  • You can easily get to potential students’ houses (via car, bike, or bus route)

How to get the gig…

  • Decide what you’ll teach.  Make sure you choose a subject that you feel confident explaining to others.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be Biology or Algebra, if you’re fantastic at tennis or playing the guitar those are also great options.   
  • Choose an hourly rate.  As you’re not a trained tutor or teacher you can’t have an astronomical rate, but you’re also going to be working hard so make sure you’re being paid accordingly.  On average high school tutors recieve between $10-20 an hour.
  • Spread the word.  Getting jobs as a tutor completely relies on your ability to self-promote.  You’ll be tutoring either grade school students or those your own age, so decide which you want to focus on and then form a strategy.  Make fliers and post them in local grocery stores, coffee shops, and book stores.  Ask the local grade school if you can put your flier up on their bulletin boards.  And don’t forget to reach out to your friends and parents and ask them to get the word out!
  • Brush up!  Ask the student or their parent what specific subjects you’ll be covering ahead of time, so you can have any formulas/techniques at the ready.  Think of your favorite teachers and how they would explain difficult concepts to you, and you’ll be a grade-A tutor in no time.

Have a great summer job idea that you’d like us to spotlight?  Let us know!

Summer Jobs: Referee

4 05 2011

Sorry, this image is not available.This post on Summer Jobs is focusing on the girl/guy who makes the tough calls, who upholds the rules, who is often ultimately responsible for who goes home the victor, and who must bow their heads in defeat.  Yes, we’re talking about a Soccer Referee.

It’s the job for you if…

  • You play soccer and know the rules of the game
  • You have an active local community center
  • You’re good with kids

How to get the gig…

  1. Take a course.  In order to be hired as a referee, you need to be certified.  If you live in Massachussetts, visit this site for a thorough breakdown of courses and requirements (if you live elsewhere, just google your state referee comittee).  The course should take between 8-16 hours, depending on your age.  When you pass this course, you’re good to go!
  2. Recieve an assignment.  This will typically be done by the Youth League Assignor associated with your course, but be sure to ask!  You will be paid per game you referee.
  3. Dress professionally.  You will need to wear referee gear, so be sure to check in during your course as to where you’ll recieve this.  Often you’ll have to buy your own gear, but you will get a discount!
  4. Act professionally.  Be sure you’re well versed on the rules of the game, and that you’re always treating the coaches, players, and parents with respect. 

If you have experience as a soccer referee and want to share how you got the gig, let us know!

Summer Jobs: Waiter/Waitress

25 04 2011

Sorry, this image is not available.Many people see being a Waiter or Waitress as a rite of passage: something that everyone should experience once in their lifetime.  It’s not only a great way to earn expedition funds, it also helps build character and teaches you how to deal well with people – a skill that most professions require! 

It’s the job for you if…

  • You’re comfortable working nights (and your parents are too!)
  • You’re happy interacting with customers
  • You have a good memory
  • You don’t get grossed out easily (sometimes the food industry is not the most glamorous occupation)!

How to get the gig…

  1. Make a list of local restaurants.  Challengers often tell us that no one in their town is hiring.  Though we’re completely sympathetic, you need to be sure that you’ve made a complete list of all the establishments near you.  Write down twenty or thirty local restaurants – it may seem like a ton, but having this many places to pull from greatly increases your odds of actually finding an open job. 
  2. Contact them to see if they’re hiring.  We really recommend going to each of these places in person, as that way you can get some face time with the manager (don’t forget to bring a copy of your resume!) and really make a good impression.  But if you don’t have the time, calling works too.
  3. Prepare for the interview.  Think about the job and what you’ll have to deal with on a daily basis.  Then consider what qualities you possess that you think will be real assets when performing these duties.   Emphasize that you’re responsible, good with people, organized, etc.  Having qualities and anecdotes prepared beforehand will make the interview much easier.
  4. Knock ’em dead!  Make sure you’re on-time, appropriately dressed, and ready to impress!  It’s a good idea to note how the other waiters and waitresses dress when you go in to ask if they’re hiring.  This will help you gauge how formally you should dress for the interview (though remember, even if they’re wearing jeans, avoid being too casual!).

Already have a killer summer job lined up?  Let us know how you got the gig!

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