Luncheon: As much food as one’s hand can hold!

7 11 2012

You know the feeling. You’re hungry and you want lunch, fast!

Take advantage of the lunch-time rush by serving up some good eats at a community event in your town!  Whether it be a play festival, local races, holiday events, Farmer’s Markets, etc., you should have a ton of options, especially as the holiday’s are approaching!

Want to get a piece of the action? Serving lunch at a community event is a great way to earn expeditions funds.  Here’s how your team can make some green…

  1. Research upcoming town events.  Your town will undoubtedly have a website where big community events are listed.  Log-on and see what you can find!
  2. Contact the host organization. Contact your town district (or whoever’s running the event) and ask if you can serve lunch.  Explain that you’re earning money towards your World Challenge Expedition, and they’ll undoubtedly be happy to have you.
  3. Decide what you’ll serve. You’ll want to get a good idea of what the space is like where you’ll be setting up.  If there’s an outside area you could set up a grill, but if you’re confined to a room you’ll want to follow Norwell’s example and plan on sandwiches or roll-ups.  Contact a local grocery store to ask for food donations, to help cover your costs.  You can also solicit donations of bottled water and chips, and have a few of your classmates bring home-made baked goods.
  4. Divide and conquer.  Make a list of the different items you’ll need and assign them to different team members.  You’ll need drinks, sandwich components, chips, and dessert, and don’t forget to have someone responsible for asking for donations!
  5. Set up shop.  Organization is key to having a successful lunch fundraiser.  Make sure to arrive with plenty of time to show up, as you’ll want to be ready for the hungry masses!  Make sure you have a station where people pay at the end, with coins and dollar bills to make change.

Did your team run an awesome fundraiser this month?  Let us know, you could be next!


Team of the Month – Sanborn High School!

26 10 2012

One of our 2013 teams spent time this summer bonding as a team and earning some expedition cash!

The  Sanborn High School team held a Car Wash fundraiser and sold Pulsera Project bracelets and Tres Leche cake at their town’s local fair, raising money for their 2013 expedition to Ecuador!

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What’s the angle?  The Sanborn team knew that the summer would be a great time in their town to raise money for their expedition.  They wanted to spread the word about their World Challenge adventure to the Amazon, so they sold some great goods to their community, and put together a warm weather classic fundraiser, a car wash.

Between the two events, the Sanborn team members raised over $750.00 for their Ecuador expedition! 

How did they pull it off?  The team created a booth at their town fair for selling the Pulsera Project bracelets and Tres Leche cakes.  They decorated the booth with information all about their Ecuador expedition and how the purchasing of the bracelets and cakes would support their World Challenge trip.  They also spent all day washing cars, explaining to everyone how their donations will help support the team.

Congratulations Sanborn, you’re our Team of the Month!

Want to get a piece of the action?  Plan your own fundraiser where you can sell jewelery to benefit your expedition and a great cause! See how your team can get involved with selling Pulsera bracelets, and coloring the world, at your school!  Check out their video!

Want to experience the glory of being named Team of the Month?  Send us photos and an event summary after your next fundraiser, and you could be next!

Color Your Teams World!

7 04 2012

Start training and fundraising for expedition, and have a blast with your teammates this summer at The Color Run!

As a team, or as an individual, ask for donations for running the race, that will go towards your World Challenge Expedition and to cover your race fee for the Color Run.

The Color Run!

Tips for Earning Money

  • Write a sponsorship letter (or email us for a template) to tell friends, family members, and local businesses what you’re doing and why it’s important.  Spread the word in-person, on Facebook, and over email (your parents can help too).
  • Set up a donation account.
  • Consider supporting a local charity (give half to a community organization and put the other half towards your expedition).  Check out who the Color Run is already sponsoring by emailing
  • Start NOW

Team of the Month – Needham High School

25 01 2012

“Fresh baked cookies”  …  The Needham High School team knows that these three words turn heads and change lives, so they gave the people what they wanted: cookie dough.

Their holiday cookie dough sale and raised load of cash!  Read on to learn more about why Needham HS is our Team of the Month!

What’s the angle?     From past years, the team knew that cookie dough is always a big seller around the holidays!  (People buy for themselves and also as presents for others.)  Plus it’s a one of the easiest fundraisers to organize. 

How did they pull it off?     Posters.  Facebook.  Twitter.  They did it all, spreading the word to classmates, friends, and family! 

They sold classic cookie dough, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, brownie dough, and candles from the company Classic Cookie

They earned $1355.20!!  GO team!

Want to get a piece of the action?  Here’s how to sell a product at your school:

  1. Pick a company and product you want to sell.  (we recommend Classic Cookie or Equal Exchange.
  2. Advertise to classmates, friends and family.
  3.  Sell, sell, sell!
  4. Deliver the goods to your customers on time!
  5. Have fun!

Fundraising Can Be Quick & Easy!

12 01 2012

WOW!  Check out this video of two World Challenge Challengers from the International School of Amsterdam, telling a bunch of adults at the Open Circles Academy about World Challenge, and how they raised €2800 in 10 minutes.


Gear Discounts for You & Your Team!

9 12 2011

Introducing the new OFFICIAL World Challenge Outfitter!
Just in time for the holidays…World Challenge is partnering with Real Cheap Sports to bring you high quality expedition gear at better-than-outlet prices!
Have a look at their online shop (and make sure to have your team-specific discount code handy).  You will get an extra 10% off at checkout AND your team will get 10% back.*
Share your discount code with friends and family.  The more people buy, the more $$ your team gets back!  Your discount code is listed on your My World Challenge site and will also be emailed to you!
Here’s how to use your team’s discount code:
  • In the top, left hand corner click register
  • Next, create a mini profile, which will allow you to make online purchases .  (You can use the same email and password as your My World Challenge site!)
  • Start shopping!
  • Refer to your World Challenge Kit List (on your My World Challenge site).  If you have questions about what to buy, just give Real Cheap Sports a call.  Their staff know all about your Kit List and can help you find the right stuff!
  • When you’re ready, select “Check out.”  On the next page, on the right hand side, don’t forget to enter your team-specific discount code under “Redeem a discount coupon”.  Remember to hit “Enter.”
  • After you have entered in your coupon code, you will receive 10% off your order, and your team will receive 10% back* of your team’s total purchases.

* Real Cheap Sports will donate 10% of all purchases made using your team’s discount code back to your team.  This donation will be divided evenly across all members of your team and applied to your final balances.

Take the Plunge!

1 12 2011

Dive into adventure!

Take part in a group Polar Plunge (or organize a similar event close to home).

It’s always fun AND it gives you can earn a part of your tuition at the same time!

As an example, check out this from Sturgis High School.  (P.S.  YOU’RE INVITED!)

In 2011 they started the Polar Plunge Tradition and it was a huge success!  Each student raised an average of $600!

Join the Madness:

  • Sign up! Email to request a pledge form.
  • Collect Pledges: If 100 people pledge $5 you’ll have an easy $500!
  • Join Sturgis HS at their event, or organize your own.

All the Details:

  • When:  January 7, 2012
  • Start time: 12:00 p.m.  (Meet at 11:30am at the beach.)
  • End time: 1:00 p.m.
  • Where:  Sandy Neck Beach – Barnstable, Massachusetts Come as a team or on your own.
  • Don’t forget: a bathing suit, towel, warm clothes, and a camera to document the day (obviously)!

Tips for Earning Money

  • Write a sponsorship letter (or email us for a template) to tell friends, family members, and local businesses what you’re doing and why it’s important.  Spread the word in-person, on Facebook, and over email (your parents can help too).
  • Set up a donation account with to make it easy for people to give online.
  • Consider supporting a local charity (give half to a community organization and put the other half towards your expedition).
  • Start NOW

If you want in on the action but it’s too far away, organize your own event and let us know!!

Disclaimer: WC Expeditions will not operate or supervise the event described herein.  Any individual attending the event does so at his or her own risk.  The information provided below is provided as a convenience to you, and WC Expeditions accepts no liability for any damages, injuries or other individual actions related to this event.  Families should be aware that while various teachers from several participating schools may be on-hand help students, there will be no official chaperone or on-site organizer for this event.  Any activities  that students participate in prior to a World Challenge expedition which are not directly monitored and supervised by World Challenge, including any planning, training or other preparation such as fundraising activities and organizational meetings conducted outside the presence of World Challenge personnel shall not be deemed to be part of the World Challenge program.  Neither World Challenge nor any participating teachers or associated school groups will be responsible for the health or safety of participating Challengers.

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