Used Gadget Drive

5 11 2012

Most people have no idea what to do with old electronics.  Throwing them away seems like such a waste, but how do you recycle them?

You and your team can provide all of the answers and make money to boot.  Just start a Used Gadget Drive.

How? We’re glad you asked…

  1. Find a site.   There are plenty of websites that will give you cash for old electronics.  Two great options are Gazelle and Recycling Fundraisers.   Both will give you tons of help promoting your event (Gazelle even helps you create your own fundraising website).  They also guarantee that nothing you send them will end up in a landfill.
  2. Decide where to set up shop. Ask your principal if you can set up a bin at school, and go around to local grocery stores/pharmacies asking if you can do the same (make sure you tack up a sign letting people know what they’re donating towards!).
  3. Get the word out!  Plaster your town with fliers, send out emails to family and friends, make announcements at school.  Everyone has a digital camera they haven’t touched or a cell phone that has been lying in their desk drawer ever since they upgraded – it’s up to your advertizing efforts to make sure it ends up in your hands!
  4. Ship the goods.  Both of the websites above offer you free shipping.  Just print off the labels, drop them at your local post office, and wait for your check!

If you decide to run your own Recycling Fundraiser, let us know!  Your efforts to go green and make some green could make you the next ‘Team of the Month’!


Team of the Month – Sanborn High School!

26 10 2012

One of our 2013 teams spent time this summer bonding as a team and earning some expedition cash!

The  Sanborn High School team held a Car Wash fundraiser and sold Pulsera Project bracelets and Tres Leche cake at their town’s local fair, raising money for their 2013 expedition to Ecuador!

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What’s the angle?  The Sanborn team knew that the summer would be a great time in their town to raise money for their expedition.  They wanted to spread the word about their World Challenge adventure to the Amazon, so they sold some great goods to their community, and put together a warm weather classic fundraiser, a car wash.

Between the two events, the Sanborn team members raised over $750.00 for their Ecuador expedition! 

How did they pull it off?  The team created a booth at their town fair for selling the Pulsera Project bracelets and Tres Leche cakes.  They decorated the booth with information all about their Ecuador expedition and how the purchasing of the bracelets and cakes would support their World Challenge trip.  They also spent all day washing cars, explaining to everyone how their donations will help support the team.

Congratulations Sanborn, you’re our Team of the Month!

Want to get a piece of the action?  Plan your own fundraiser where you can sell jewelery to benefit your expedition and a great cause! See how your team can get involved with selling Pulsera bracelets, and coloring the world, at your school!  Check out their video!

Want to experience the glory of being named Team of the Month?  Send us photos and an event summary after your next fundraiser, and you could be next!

Team of the Month – Nipmuc High School!

24 04 2012

One of our 2013 Teams hit the ground running fundraising for expedition, and ended up right in the Atlantic Ocean.

The  Nipmuc team held a Polar Plunge fundraiser in March, raising money for their 2013 expedition to Ecuador and the Galapagos, where they all jumped into the ocean on a winter day for donations!

Polar Plunge

What’s the angle?  Nipmuc knew that past World Challenge teams have raised a lot of money by holding a Polar Plunge, and wanted to begin their fundraising with a success. The team members raised money individually, by having their family and friends donate money towards their expedition.

The average amount made by the Nipmuc team members was between $100.00 and $400.00!  One team member even raised $1000.00! Go Team!

How did they pull it off?  The team spread the word for the Plunge by sending messages via facebook, they made fliers to pass out to their friends and family, and sent out emails. The day of the Plunge, they all carpooled together to the beach. They had an EMT accompany them for the day for safety purposes. It took them awhile to figure out how to get to the water in Rhode Island, but after taking pictures and getting ready they all jumped in the ocean, staying in longer than they thought!  After they all went for pizza!

Congratulations Nipmuc, you’re our Team of the Month!

Want to get a piece of the action?  Plan your own fundraiser, where you can collect donations for a team activity! Check out events like the Color Run and start earning…now!

Want to experience the glory of being named Team of the Month?  Send us photos and an event summary after your next fundraiser, and you could be next!

Team of the Month – Holy Trinity School

1 03 2012

Many World Challenge teams love to bring gifts and supplies to the communities that they visit during their service phase of expedition.  The Holy Trinity School held fundraisers and went above and beyond by having sponsors donate gifts to help them fund their project in South Africa!

The Holy Trinity Team, traveling to South Africa!

What’s the angle?  When the team learned they were going to be building a reading corner in a community school house, they knew they wanted to contribute more. They decided they wanted to fill the reading corner with books for the children, because books are very expensive in Africa.  They also wanted to bring sports equipment and uniforms for the community, so they went to work.

The Holy Trinity team sold sundaes to fundraise for the gifts, and raised $900.00!  They were also able to gather two boxes of youth books as donations from Scholastic (a children’s books and book club).  With the money they raised from the sundae sales, the team will be purchasing more youth books as well as using it to cover the possible costs of transportation of the books. Way to go team!

How did they pull it off?  The students sold sundaes during the High School’s and Middle school’s lunch periods for two weeks.  They bought the supplies (sprinkles, whip cream, chocolate and caramel sauce and ice cream) through their school cafeteria, who ordered the supplies through a food distribution company.  The team was working on an organized schedule they made, and everyone participated in making and selling sundaes at the lunches.

Congratulations Holy Trinity, you’re our Team of the Month!

Want to get a piece of the action?  Holy Trinity’s fundraiser had an unbeatable recipe for success.  If you want to earn expedition bucks during lunch, or have an ice cream fundraiser when the weather gets warm, here’s how to get organized…

  • Pick a location.  Your cafeteria would be a great place to set up shop.
  • Get donations.  Though you can still make a profit if you have to purchase the ice cream, receiving a few donations will really maximize your earnings.  Go around to local ice cream stores and supermarkets, tell them about your expedition, and ask if they’d be willing to donate a few tubs.
  • Get organized.  You won’t have to put too much effort into advertising ahead of time (ice cream sells itself!), so take time to make sure each team member knows what they need to do.  Assign shifts, make signs, and make sure you have change for your customers.  You’ll also need to to figure out the logistics of your stand; you’ll need folding tables, coolers, a safe place to keep the profits, and of course ice cream supplies!
  • Set up shop.  Make sure to set up early, and don’t forget the importance of good customer service.  Greet everyone with a smile, and you’ll be sold out in no time!

Want to experience the glory of being named Team of the Month?  Send us photos and an event summary after your next fundraiser, and you could be next!

Team of the Month – Needham High School

25 01 2012

“Fresh baked cookies”  …  The Needham High School team knows that these three words turn heads and change lives, so they gave the people what they wanted: cookie dough.

Their holiday cookie dough sale and raised load of cash!  Read on to learn more about why Needham HS is our Team of the Month!

What’s the angle?     From past years, the team knew that cookie dough is always a big seller around the holidays!  (People buy for themselves and also as presents for others.)  Plus it’s a one of the easiest fundraisers to organize. 

How did they pull it off?     Posters.  Facebook.  Twitter.  They did it all, spreading the word to classmates, friends, and family! 

They sold classic cookie dough, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, brownie dough, and candles from the company Classic Cookie

They earned $1355.20!!  GO team!

Want to get a piece of the action?  Here’s how to sell a product at your school:

  1. Pick a company and product you want to sell.  (we recommend Classic Cookie or Equal Exchange.
  2. Advertise to classmates, friends and family.
  3.  Sell, sell, sell!
  4. Deliver the goods to your customers on time!
  5. Have fun!

Local Stars: The Ramsey Team.

31 10 2011

Challengers! Check out how one World Challenge team shared their expedition with their community after returning home.  It’s not too late, you can still do the same for your expedition!

Ramsey team in Costa Rica

A big congrats to the  2011 Ramsey High School World Challenge team for getting their picture and a ‘shout-out’ in The Villadom Times! The Ramsey team traveled to Costa Rica this past summer, and have been very active spreading the word about their amazing trip! Just this Tuesday they gave an awesome presentation to their school board.  Way to go team!Ramsey team during their presentation

Take a look at some more great things World Challenge teams are doing to get the word out about their expeditions!

Dance The Night Away

1 10 2011

Everyone likes a School Dance … even when the DJ is awkward and the soda is flat.

Enter: the World Challenge team at Weston High School.

They made it their mission to give their school one evening of music and movement that their school will never forget!  Not only did they notch-up their cool-factor, but they also earned huge money for their upcoming Expedition to Uganda.

Read on to learn more about why Weston HS is our Team of the Month!

What’s the angle?  The team wanted to earn for Expedition and promote the amazing service project that they be doing with World Challenge in Uganda.

A dance is a great way to grab some attention, so they teamed up with the Student Council for a night to remember!  (The photo says it all, right?)

How did they pull it off?  The team charged $7 per person.  They got permission to use the schools cafeteria, booked a great DJ, and then they started to spread the word (advertizing is the key to any great event)!

Over 300 people attended the dance from all grades!  The Weston team also sold baked goods and pizza; dancers always get hungry and need a bite to eat! The team raised a little over $2,000 in just 4 hours!

Want to get a piece of the action?  Here’s how to host a dance at your school:

  1. Pick a date.
  2. Find a venue. Ask to use a space at your school or a local fire hall or community center.
  3.  Book a DJ and find chaperones to help out.
  4. Spread the word around school in through Facebook for a few weeks to spark some interest!  Think about picking a theme; it gets people excited!
  5. Make a budget.  What are your costs?  How much do you need to charge?  Do you want to sell snacks and soda?  What can you buy or make for decorations?
  6. Have fun!

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