How to Write a Travel Blog

24 05 2012

What better way to share your World Challenge experience with your friends and family, then through your own Travel Blog.

This is something that you can create as a team before you leave. You can update it during your expedition (when you find an internet cafe!) and when you get home!  You can share all of your stories, pictures, and experiences from your adventure.

Here’s how you can create your own Travel Blog:

 1.  Sign up and start your blog with Word PressFind out how to here!

 2.  Bring your blog to life!  – As a team start thinking about a few things…

  • What are you going to call your blog?  What is your ‘about you’ section going to include?
  • What do you want your blog to be about?  Is it going to be a summary of each day on expedition, or different team members stories?

3.  Start writing – Publish a post of two before you leave for Expedition, letting everyone know where you will traveling, what you will be doing, and introduce your team!

4.  Spread the word! – Let everyone know about your blog!  Tell your family, friends, classmates and everyone in your community who helped with your fundraising efforts.  They will want to follow along and hear about all of your epic travel stories!

Check out our Franklin Team’s travel blog who traveled to Peru in 2011!

Happy Writing!

Check out some pictures for our 2012 destinations

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Money Raising: Enlist the Neighborhood

11 05 2012

If you’re a summer away from expedition, you’re probably focused on saving money to prepare!

Spread the word around your neighborhood. Talk about your World Challenge Expedition to everyone you can, because many of your neighbors will be impressed by your goal and willing to help support you. Here are three easy jobs your neighbors may need help with:

1. Babysitting – Go to all of the houses that have young kids and hand out cards with your name, email, and phone number.  Ask them to contact you if they ever need a babysitter (or pet-sitter, or plant-sitter). A few of my neighbors even offered higher rates for that summer since they knew what I was rasing the money for!

2. Yard Sales – If your parents have a garage or basement to empty out, consider asking them if you can organize the yard sale and take some of the profits. Ask any neighbors you know well if they have old baby toys or other items they want sold – if you’re pricing the items, putting up the flyers, organizing newspaper ads, and making the sales, chances are they’ll let you take some of the profits as well!

3. Lawn Care – Talk to any neighbors who might be interested in having their lawn mowed or the landscaped parts watered. I earned $200 taking care of my neighbor’s hedges and potted plants all summer. A teammates family invested in their own lawn mower instead of using a lawncare service. They paid their daughter less to mow the lawn than they had paid the service, the investment quickly became profitable!

I raised over $2000 the summer before expedition through these three activities. Get your name and story out there and you are guaranteed to impress some neighbors who will find jobs for you to take on!


“Great” Gear

3 05 2012

When on a WC Expedition gear is very important. Its used on a minute-to-minute basis, and it can often contribute to a more successful expedition experience.

When you have “great” gear, you can feel good about being able to rely on it in every type of situation you may encounter with World Challenge. But what constitutes “great” gear? 

On my expedition there were three pieces of great gear that I used constantly so it was important to me that they were highly reliable and functional.

1. Backpacks: Think of your backpacks as your HQ (headquarters) for everything you have with you on expedition. Everything you take with you will be kept in either your daypack or main pack. Your daypack will be used almost everyday in country and you will carry in it everything from water and snacks to rain jackets. Your main pack will be the place you can store all your gear you do not need while you’re out on an adventure. Your daypack and main pack are a “team” so you can constantly move items around between the two depending on your needs.  Check out my day pack and main pack I used on expedition.

2. Hiking Boots: Your boots will  be your most used piece of gear. From trekking to walking around the local village market, you will wear your boots all the time. Since they such a vital piece of gear, it is important that you start breaking them in (wear them on the training course and doing yard work!) as soon as you can. Some features that you should look for are breath-ability, waterproof-ness, and of course, COMFORT! Check out my hiking boots I used on expedition!

3. Rain Gear: Although it’s not used all the time, having reliable rain gear is something you definitely want on your expedition. Having great rain gear is important because you want to be kept dry if it is pouring and everything else is wet. Not only do you need to have a rain jacket, but you also will need to have rain pants. By wearing your rain pants and rain jacket, you are completely protected from the elements in any situation (like walking in tall wet grass).  Having great rain gear can go a long way, getting soaked to the bone is no fun. Check out my rain gear: jacket and pants I used on expedition!

Check out World Challenge’s tips for Online Gear Shopping, and how you can save on great gear!

– Tom

“Life Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends!”

27 04 2012

When embarking on your World Challenge expedition, remember to expect the unexpected. I don’t mean being prepared equipment-wise, I mean being prepared mentally to step outside your comfort zone!

On my World Challenge trip to Ecuador we got to try things we never thought we’d get the opportunity to do (and never thought we’d actually try!). From dancing to traditional Ecuadorian music with performers, to getting a spiritual treatment from a shaman in the Amazon, or standing up while white water rafting, to eating lemon ants (not nearly as gross as you’d think!). Of course, we were all a little apprehensive at first, but in the end they were all awesome experiences we’ll never forget!

So, remember, while safety always comes first, once in a lifetime experiences come second! Don’t be afraid to try new things – in fact, embrace them! You will regret it a lot more if you don’t at least give it a chance.

No matter your destination, you will be given opportunities you should not pass up on. Whether it’s just tasting the local food or taking calculated risks, be ready to try something different!

We weren’t the only ones who ate bugs, check this out! And if you were intrigued by the white water rafting, you’ll love this even more!


WC Honor Roll – April 2012

26 04 2012

Challengers across the county are busy earning for expedition, getting their teams featured in local papers, and generally rising to the Challenge.

Expeditions are all about teamwork … however, on every team there are some Challengers that go above and beyond … Introducing the WC Honor Roll!

Honoree – April 2012:  Laura, is an alumni Challenger from Franklin High School who traveled to Southern Peru in 2011.

While in Peru, she discovered colorful cultural history, the friendliness of the people, and the stunning trekking scenery.  Before she embarked in her Peruvian adventure, Laura paid for her World Challenge trip on her own. 

Q: How did you earn for your expedition?

A: Since the summer of freshman year I worked at McDonald’s and saved every check I received.  When I signed up for World Challenge I kept working and saving until Expedition.

 Breakdown of fundraising

  • McDonald’s$3,000
  • Amount saved from allowances, gifts etc. –  $2000 

Q:  How did you fundraise with your team?

A: With all the fundraising our team accomplished, the money we have made went towards the R&R activities at the end of the trip and our Community service needs!

Breakdown of Team Fundraising (and Activities!) 

Total amount: about $1,100

Q:  Do you have any top tips for other Challengers?

A: Start early!  My team started getting to know each other as soon as we signed up and we made the transition from group to friends. By starting early with fundraising and getting to know each other, we could work faster towards a common goal!

Q: What was your most enjoyable event?

A: The most enjoyable event was the yard sale that we spent 8 hours on in one day bonding as a group. We brought our items together and learning how to cooperate, make prices, putting up signs weeks before all around town, and making money purely from teamwork. We really enjoyed it, no matter how much money we made, it was one of those events that made us a team.

Check out some of photo’s from the Franklin HS Expedition to Peru!

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Team of the Month – Nipmuc High School!

24 04 2012

One of our 2013 Teams hit the ground running fundraising for expedition, and ended up right in the Atlantic Ocean.

The  Nipmuc team held a Polar Plunge fundraiser in March, raising money for their 2013 expedition to Ecuador and the Galapagos, where they all jumped into the ocean on a winter day for donations!

Polar Plunge

What’s the angle?  Nipmuc knew that past World Challenge teams have raised a lot of money by holding a Polar Plunge, and wanted to begin their fundraising with a success. The team members raised money individually, by having their family and friends donate money towards their expedition.

The average amount made by the Nipmuc team members was between $100.00 and $400.00!  One team member even raised $1000.00! Go Team!

How did they pull it off?  The team spread the word for the Plunge by sending messages via facebook, they made fliers to pass out to their friends and family, and sent out emails. The day of the Plunge, they all carpooled together to the beach. They had an EMT accompany them for the day for safety purposes. It took them awhile to figure out how to get to the water in Rhode Island, but after taking pictures and getting ready they all jumped in the ocean, staying in longer than they thought!  After they all went for pizza!

Congratulations Nipmuc, you’re our Team of the Month!

Want to get a piece of the action?  Plan your own fundraiser, where you can collect donations for a team activity! Check out events like the Color Run and start earning…now!

Want to experience the glory of being named Team of the Month?  Send us photos and an event summary after your next fundraiser, and you could be next!

Destination of the Month: Morocco!

13 04 2012

Morocco has long been associated as a crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle East. On expedition, you can trek through mountain passes which weave through Berber villages, ride camels through stunning gorges and the desert to take in the breathtaking scenery, or live and work in a rural community helping teach English.

Morocco has the perfect blend of unique trekking and colorful culture, so if you are looking to do and see it all — Morocco is the destination for you!

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  • LANGUAGE:  The official language is Moroccan Arabic, but you will hear French spoken in the cities and many of the rural villages, except in the northern regions where Spanish is more predominant. You will also hear many Berber languages and English being spoken across the country.
  • RELIGIONIslam is the established state religion of Morocco.
  • CULTURAL NOTES:  The Moroccan culture is a unique blend of both European and Arabic influences that date from ancient times to the present day.  However, many traditions and rituals stem from the Berber origin. One being, the eating of food with only three fingers of the right hand!
  • NOT TO BE MISSED: Experience the sun setting and rising in the Sahara desert, as you trek into the dunes of Erg Chebbi on camel, and stay overnight in a traditional Bedouin tent. Take a stroll around the bustling souks in Marrakech, where you can find Snake Charmers around every corner. Try to visit the picturesque town of Chefchaouen, with its vivid blue and white buildings nestled between two mountains.

What to see it first hand?  We know you do!

Learn about our Expeditions to Morocco!

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