17 09 2013

When shopping for gear for your expedition, it’s best to plan as far ahead as possible.  You’ll want time to break in your boots, feel comfortable carrying weight on your back, and knowledgeable about what’s in your gear.

Because everyone comes in all shapes and sizes, we recommend that you check out reviews online. For example, someone who is shorter may find they want a smaller pack than the average, standard size. The same applies to folks that might be on the taller side.  Unless you are perfectly “average” size, you’ll want to be fitted for a backpack to make sure you are comfortable throughout your expedition.

Footwear is important.  Check out reviews of footwear, but also Google “best footwear for hiking in …” as you may find useful tips online. 

We’d love to recommend a one-stop-shop, but our best recommendation is to check reviews on sites like as well as Google.  Then stop at REI, EMS, Kittery Trading Post or Dick’s Sporting Goods and pick up your gear.  For some of the essentials such as your mess kit, you can find deals at your local Army-Navy store.  Don’t forget that you can find what you’ll need for your expedition on your MyWorldChallenge site.

Then, help the next person out by posting your own review! And don’t forget, we always love to see pictures of your footwear both before and after your trek!

Happy shopping!



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