WC Honor Roll – April 2012

26 04 2012

Challengers across the county are busy earning for expedition, getting their teams featured in local papers, and generally rising to the Challenge.

Expeditions are all about teamwork … however, on every team there are some Challengers that go above and beyond … Introducing the WC Honor Roll!

Honoree – April 2012:  Laura, is an alumni Challenger from Franklin High School who traveled to Southern Peru in 2011.

While in Peru, she discovered colorful cultural history, the friendliness of the people, and the stunning trekking scenery.  Before she embarked in her Peruvian adventure, Laura paid for her World Challenge trip on her own. 

Q: How did you earn for your expedition?

A: Since the summer of freshman year I worked at McDonald’s and saved every check I received.  When I signed up for World Challenge I kept working and saving until Expedition.

 Breakdown of fundraising

  • McDonald’s$3,000
  • Amount saved from allowances, gifts etc. –  $2000 

Q:  How did you fundraise with your team?

A: With all the fundraising our team accomplished, the money we have made went towards the R&R activities at the end of the trip and our Community service needs!

Breakdown of Team Fundraising (and Activities!) 

Total amount: about $1,100

Q:  Do you have any top tips for other Challengers?

A: Start early!  My team started getting to know each other as soon as we signed up and we made the transition from group to friends. By starting early with fundraising and getting to know each other, we could work faster towards a common goal!

Q: What was your most enjoyable event?

A: The most enjoyable event was the yard sale that we spent 8 hours on in one day bonding as a group. We brought our items together and learning how to cooperate, make prices, putting up signs weeks before all around town, and making money purely from teamwork. We really enjoyed it, no matter how much money we made, it was one of those events that made us a team.

Check out some of photo’s from the Franklin HS Expedition to Peru!

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